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Why wasn’t ToD:C released

As you all might have noticed, Tales of Dagur: Coluseum was not released on the neoflash summer coding competition.There are several reasons that prevented us from release: The Jim Interpreter used as a scripting engine was full of memory leaks and wasn’t stable for use as a main scripting engine. After weeks of debugging, I […]

Tales of Dagur: Colosseum

I hereby this post, announce on the scheduled release of Tales of Dagur: Colosseum planned for 20th August (NeoFlash Summer 2007 Competition).The game will be a completely playable demonstration of the battle system – based on ALMBS (Aggressive Linear Motion Battle System). Of course we are far from complete, and we still need help if […]

dualSwan Progress

First of all I would like to announce that my WonderSwan emulator is now called dualSwan – A much better name in my opinion. Second, I want to show off my progress with some screenies. Layered tiles were implemented with FluBBa’s help – huge thanks flies to his direction! The FPS you see on the […]

WonderSwan Re-Write

Recently I started re-writing my WonderSwan emulator  WonDerS for the DS, to use the DS’s HW instead of some crappy framebuffer renderer. I only implemented 4bit tiles for the moment, but the results are amazing! more then 120% speed boost! Here are some screenshots to tease you :D. click to enlarge Look forward for a […]

Tales of Dagur II

Yes, As it’s sounds – I’m starting to work on a sequel to Tales of Dagur. But unfortunately, it can’t start ToD II without a story line! So feel free to write a game story and send it over to me at (remove junk) in a .txt format, as well as question/suggestions. Edit: You  […]

Website Redesigned and Some News

Was just playing around with some themes, I think I will stick with that one :) The NeoFlash Spring Coding Competition is ending soon (It lasts untill the 20th, This month) And that’s the date my RPG will finally be released, Along with the full sources, for those who are intrested. (Source only. No Graphics […]