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Sintia has a Twitter page

Sintia, the suicidal MegaHAL IRC service bot I run for over 6 years on EFnet now have a twitter page! Sintia will be updating it regularly. Check Sintia’s page here.

Nintendo ES (x86 Operating System)

Seems like Nintendo is developing an open source (?) operating system for Intel based PCs called ES (Which resolves to Nintendo ES – or NES). The project is hosted on the Japanese Source forge and bottom of the page says "Copyright © 2006, 2007 Nintendo Co,. Ltd.", although the license are fully free to change/distribute… […]

Tales of Dagur features on JoyPad

Tales of Dagur features on a French magazine JoyPad. Thanks to _JSR_ for the scan! Click to enlarge

Lesson 5 released, Lesson 4 fixed

Lesson 5 had been released, after a long time of inactivity. Lesson 4 was also polished and added a section about converting a background while setting palette information to it’s map. Lesson 5 was the last in the series regarding backgrounds, and next lessons will now be about sprites. You can read Lesson 5 HERE.

Cutest Coder’s Cat Poll

Following an argument with chishm in #mellowdsdev, I started a poll to see who’s cat is the cutest. Various coder’s cats from #dsdev and #mellowdsdev were qualified for the poll. Choose the cat you think is the cutest in the poll on the left side of the page. I will not vote and keep the […]