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Why wasn’t ToD:C released

As you all might have noticed, Tales of Dagur: Coluseum was not released on the neoflash summer coding competition.There are several reasons that prevented us from release: The Jim Interpreter used as a scripting engine was full of memory leaks and wasn’t stable for use as a main scripting engine. After weeks of debugging, I […]

Tales of Dagur: Colosseum

I hereby this post, announce on the scheduled release of Tales of Dagur: Colosseum planned for 20th August (NeoFlash Summer 2007 Competition).The game will be a completely playable demonstration of the battle system – based on ALMBS (Aggressive Linear Motion Battle System). Of course we are far from complete, and we still need help if […]

Roundup and a Thanks

First of all I would like to send a (belated…) thanks to Headkaze for donating me a Black SwanCrystal and games! I promised him to continue the work on dualSwan to show my appreciation. Some pictures: Donated handheld and games As I promised, and thanks to my friend strager we increased dualSwan’s speed by more […]

WonderSwan Re-Write

Recently I started re-writing my WonderSwan emulator¬† WonDerS for the DS, to use the DS’s HW instead of some crappy framebuffer renderer. I only implemented 4bit tiles for the moment, but the results are amazing! more then 120% speed boost! Here are some screenshots to tease you :D. click to enlarge Look forward for a […]

Another useless game – Poke Teh Bunny

click to enlarge Poke the Bunny. Careful! It bites! Download HERE