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PHP Path Resolution – Now PHP 5.3 compatible!

Presenting the PHP 5.3 compatible version of my PHP path resolution class! Why there should be a difference? Because my original version used create_function, which… created a whole new function object every time you used one of the class’s methods. This was very memory expensive and even incurred a slight performance hit.

Diff parser for CodeMirror

( Releases )

I wrote a quick diff parser for  CodeMirror. CodeMirror is a real-time code editor for your browser. I know that diff isn’t a format edited by humans, but I found myself needing the diff syntax highlight where other code is shown. More on that soon. Live Example, Download the parser.

libellen on devkitARM r26

Thanks to a contributed patch from Iván Vodopiviz, libellen now works on the latest release of devkitARM. libellen also recieved an official svn repository, incorporating this patch. Get libellen latest sources from svn using: svn co ellensvn co ellen Current revision is 4, so this release is named libellen r4.

NDS Blending Demo

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First I would like to start with the fact that this demo was lying around in my HDD since Halloween. This demo was written to demonstrate how easy it is to utilize the DS’s hardware blending and create impressive effects with no effort. In this demo, the witch is flying in the sky, and whenever […]

Rhythmbox ‘Now Playing’ script for XChat

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This is a small script I wrote for myself when using XChat and Rhythmbox. Ever since the latest Rhythmbox release, there has been an undocumented feature in rhythmbox-client to print the string received from shoutcast streams, such as my favorite radio, which I normally have on. I found several xchat-rhythmbox announcers but they all […]

New libellen release

( libellen )

The impossible happened! I actually took some time to clean up and resolve the libellen-libnds collision problems, while also transforming libellen to the traditional library.a file. I also added very primitive background handler – it works, but don’t count on it. Download it HERE. Please remember that the source code and library (and everything inside […]

libellen – first and final release

( libellen )

Since I’m not going to do any further development on this (for various reasons), I have decided to release libellen – a sprite handling library for the Nintendo DS, based on libnds. The library is released under the terms of the WTFPL. The source and “example” are super documented, and evena  Doxyfile is attached if […]

Lesson 4 is FINALLY out

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Yes! After the long waiting time, it’s finally out. The lesson covers multiple BGs and scrolling.Lately I got more time to myself, so I’m able to continue on the lesson series. I hope lesson 4 would help people to see the hardware is not as frightening as they might think it is. Lesson 4 is […]

Lessons 2 and 3 fixed

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Lessons 2 and 3 had been fixed to be compatible with latest devkitARM/libnds release.Lesson 4 should come some time this week. I am sorry it didn’t released earlier, I had a major of RealLife problems, including work and army.

tileoptimize Released

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Tileoptimize is a tool that is aimed to size-optimize tiled images for machines with multiple palettes.Although the output is primarily made for GBA and NDS, it could be easily adjusted to output for other machines aswell.The application will quantisize the colors of the image to NxM sized palette of M colors spreaded over N palettes, […]