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Lessons updated

( General )

My aging NDS 2D lessons have been updated to conform to the latest version of libnds. They should now compile and run on a modern devkitARM toolchain. I hope someone will find this useful.

Site has moved

( General )

Please update your bookmarks – is now I’m sorry for the lack of recent updates, I have had a lot of RealLife™ problems that kept me away from developing or doing anything other. I will return to homebrew as soon as possible, probably to wii homebrew as the community is slowly growing.

Tales of Dagur II recruitment

( General )

I finally got a lot of free time and I’m thinking of getting Tales of Dagur II on track.Unlike older attempts, this one is going to succeed because of several key members who wants to get ToD II into reality.Not only that, we also have a basic story and a new RPG engine based on […]

Lesson 4 is FINALLY out

( General andReleases )

Yes! After the long waiting time, it’s finally out. The lesson covers multiple BGs and scrolling.Lately I got more time to myself, so I’m able to continue on the lesson series. I hope lesson 4 would help people to see the hardware is not as frightening as they might think it is. Lesson 4 is […]

Roundup and a Thanks

First of all I would like to send a (belated…) thanks to Headkaze for donating me a Black SwanCrystal and games! I promised him to continue the work on dualSwan to show my appreciation. Some pictures: Donated handheld and games As I promised, and thanks to my friend strager we increased dualSwan’s speed by more […]

Sue Me

( General )

So some coder made a BlueTooth ‘driver’ and a scripting language to work with the Wii-Remote.On his application’s site he says: NOTE! You may not use this software on military bases, or for military purposes, or in Israel (which amounts to the same thing). Violation of the license agreement will be prosecuted. See the readme […]

Ring of death

( General )

:( All I can say is :(

Xbox 360 ATX PSU

( General )

I Followed the mod presented in hackaday since my original Xbox 360’s PSU burnt up. Result: clean and cheap working power supply that does not overheat. How can’t I post images? Click to enlarge For the intrested ones, here is a fast scheme of the 360’s power cable and ATX short. Click to enlarge

First lesson on tutorial series opened to public

( General andReleases )

As promissed to one of my friends, Chetic, I will be writing DS 2D Hardware tutorials converted from my previous attempt on the IRC channel #learn2d. Lesson 1: Nintendo DS Hardware Overview has just been opened to the public to read. Please note that this is the first real tutorial I have ever written, so […]

PSP Lego Stand

( General )

As a part of getting into PSP development, I’ve searched a good way to see my PSP while it’s charging and plugged into USB. I built a little PSP stand out from Lego blocks. Now to set up PSPLink and develop using minimum interaction with my PSP. Oh and I must not forget, Pictures: