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ToD Sources fixed
Posted on Thursday 9 November 2006

Thanks to AlexFili for letting me know the sources for Tales of Dagur did not work with the latest devkitPro.
Therefor I have released a fixed version of the source.

For the interested ones, here is a list of what is fixed:

  • ARM7’s makefile is changed to produce binaries in Thumb mode to reduce the code size to fit the 64k limit.
  • The ToD engine had a bug enabling effects before switching to a level. This caused the level handler to crash when loading the first map.
  • Fixed a typo on the function itoa()

Download the fixed sources on the ToD Page.

1 Comment for 'ToD Sources fixed'

    November 14, 2006 | 00:28

    Hey Liran! Nice to see that the tutorials are coming along. I hope you’re going to write something about the 3D hardware and perhaps sound hardware, in the future. And if you need any proofreading, just gimme an e-mail.


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