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Tales of Dagur II recruitment
Posted on Monday 4 June 2007

I finally got a lot of free time and I’m thinking of getting Tales of Dagur II on track.
Unlike older attempts, this one is going to succeed because of several key members who wants to get ToD II into reality.
Not only that, we also have a basic story and a new RPG engine based on original ToD, but with more powerful features such as event scripting using the TCL scripting language and a great musician called Willow.

What are we missing then?

  • Co-coders – If you want to take a part in extending the existing ToD engine into the new ToD Engine v2
  • Scripters – Convert the story into reality with the TCL scripting language
  • Pixel artists
  • Tool coders – Coding a custom cross platform mapping software and database organizers using wxWidegts
  • Story writers and designers – even though we have a basic story idea and handful of ideas, we still want more!

If you think you can help, hop over #tod2 @ EFnet and/or email me to get more details (see contact page).

7 Comments for 'Tales of Dagur II recruitment'

    June 4, 2007 | 19:27

    This is a good news. Good luck to you LiraNuna.

    June 10, 2007 | 05:21

    I do a lot of pixel art, what kind of pixels are you wanting done? If it’s 2D view sprites like most old-school RPGs, (FF, Tactics Ogre[Though that was iso, but still], Breath of Fire, RPGMaker, etc…) I’d be more than happy to start cooking up whatever you need.

    If you need, email me at
    -Akoi Meexx

    June 11, 2007 | 14:47

    Ohh, I confused it whit the second part of the Tetanus On Drugs, a crazy tetris homebrew. Ups!

    jason pastora
    June 12, 2007 | 03:34

    i ve been story writting ideas for games since i was 13 im 30 now and would like to make some of my ideas for a story work in a homebrew project ….please email for contact for futher discussion to make your game homebrew hit

    June 21, 2007 | 18:58

    I love the idea of doing something on a small scale – no longer worth thinking I’m gonna write a PS3 blockbuster, in fact, I wouldn’t want to BUT for a DS, it’d be like the 80’s all over agin ;-)

    I have written loads of stuff using Tcl/Tk in the past, and would probably enjoy helping get this game created – let me have some more details if you are interested and I’ll let you know what I can do.



    Dannus Maxwell
    June 22, 2007 | 23:18

    Well i may be able to help somehow. I have no idea what i can do but if you make the sprites houses items and such i may be able to create levels. Have you ever played graalonline. I used to script and build levels on that game. I am not sure if this will be the same but if so. I am avialable to help. I can tell you this much though. I have no idea how to use c++ or C . Please let me help somehow

    July 27, 2007 | 15:59

    Hi, i´m a C and C++ developer and built a simple sprite engine using SDL on the PC, but I never did anything for consoles and don´t know even the tools needed. I would really like to join this project, How can I help? Please contact me, I think I can help you, I just don´t know how to start.

    please add me at any messenger so we can talk,
    google talk:
    msn messenger:
    yahoo messenger: add the msn contact

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