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Roundup and a Thanks
Posted on Saturday 20 January 2007

First of all I would like to send a (belated…) thanks to Headkaze for donating me a Black SwanCrystal and games! I promised him to continue the work on dualSwan to show my appreciation.
Some pictures:

Donated handheld and games

As I promised, and thanks to my friend strager we increased dualSwan’s speed by more then triple the original speed presented in dualSwan 1.2.1!

Click to enlarge

dualSwan 1.3 will be released as soon as we will finish adjusting emulation and fixing I/O bugs. The release will include a DSOrganize plugin corresponding to the release version and changes.

Another thing I’m working on is an isometric height map engine which will soon become a game that will use the DSerial’s accelerometer. I will not reveal any details regarding the game except for a screenshot, and you can try and guess what it will be.

Note: No support for the DSmotion card will be included as I don’t have one to test.

5 Comments for 'Roundup and a Thanks'

    January 23, 2007 | 19:12

    Looks like a marble madness clone. :)

    Either that or simcity 2k.

    February 5, 2007 | 16:03

    Hi, Is there a chance that DualSwan will be DLDI compatible?

    March 22, 2007 | 19:59

    Any updates on dualSwan? Can’t wait to play Engacho on my DS :)


    June 22, 2007 | 05:21

    does dualSwan work on Supercard DS One?

    August 11, 2007 | 19:15

    any updates on Dualswan?

    I’d love DLDI support.

    the plugin for dso doesn’t seem to work too well for me.

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