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dualSwan is a WonderSwan emulator for the Nintendo DS, Still in early stages of development.

Change Log:

  • dualSwan v1.2.1 (21/07/2006)
    • Fixed window mode 0x20
    • Added support for M3SD and SCSD
    • Source: Moved menu handlers to menu.c/h
    • Final release
  • WonDerS v1.2 (14/06/2006)
    • Added support for WS mono games
    • Added Windows (Particially working)
    • Added ROM menu to boot ROMs from CF/SD
    • Fixed a bug in sprites emulation
  • WonDerS v1.2t (30/05/2006)
    • Teaser version
    • Too much to write, overall re-write
  • WonDerS v1.1 (29/10/2005)
    • Added GBFS integration
    • minor speed boost
  • WonDerS v1.0 (02/08/2005)
    • Initail Release


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