LiraNuna's Development Blog

A little tool I wrote to aid me in the future of WonderSwan/Color development.
gba2wsc converts the output of gfx2gba to a WonderSwan Color compatible graphics.
Please note that dispite the name, this does NOT convert .gba ‘ROMs’ to .wsc ‘ROMs’.

Usge: gba2wsc [command list]
        -m <map data File>      Convert map file
        -t <tiles data File>    Convert tile data file
        -p <palette file>       Convert palette file
        -x <group name>         Convert all (name.raw,, name.pal)

Thanks to Peter who pointed a few mistakes in my code including unfreed memory and file opening modes.

Download Binaries and Source. (Including Windows 32bit Linux and static Linux binaries)