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Lesson 4 is FINALLY out
Posted on Thursday 29 March 2007

Yes! After the long waiting time, it’s finally out. The lesson covers multiple BGs and scrolling.
Lately I got more time to myself, so I’m able to continue on the lesson series.

I hope lesson 4 would help people to see the hardware is not as frightening as they might think it is.

Lesson 4 is located HERE.

2 Comments for 'Lesson 4 is FINALLY out'

    May 1, 2007 | 17:50

    a nice shot. Still, i’m perplexed by your claim about “problems rises when your backgrounds are not sized 32×32” … 32×32 what ? tiles i guess, since most BG will be way over 32×32 pixels, right?

    In the case of a BG over 32×32 tiles (that is, 256×256 pixels, right?) we could reprogram tiles offscreen so that the player thinks it faces e.g. a 512×32 tiles sidescrolled level, while the actual screen is only a bit larger than the display. Still, we will have trouble as the DS screen is just 256 pixels large (not ~240 like the GBA ^_^), but hopefully enough, the “mode 0” and “mode 2” features BGs up to 512×512 pixels (512×256) being enough imho.

    Or did i compeltely miss what you thought as “rising problems” ?

    May 1, 2007 | 18:51

    What I meant is the map structure in memory, 32x32x4 (64×64 tiles/512×512 pixels) instead of a normal 64×64 map. This would be discussed on the next lesson.
    I didn’t include any more info about it to not get into details and go offtopic :P

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