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ToD With DLDI Support

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Due to some request made, I have decided to throw a quick DLDI support to Tales of Dagur.There’s a known bug that prevents game reset after the "Game over" screen. If anyone finds a fix for that, Please do not hesitate to notify me.Thanks goes to DragonMinded for libfatdragon. Grab the new binary and source […]

GTK PopStation

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After the release of Dark_Alex’s custom firmware, only wnidows GUIs were created to the popstation converter, so I decided to code my own GUI version. Click to enlarge Bare in mind that this is my very first GUI application. Feel free to suggest better ways to use the API. Download HERE.

gba2wsc Released

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A little tool I wrote to aid me in the future of WonderSwan/Color development.gba2wsc converts the output of gfx2gba to a WonderSwan Color compatible graphics. Source included. Download here.

ToD Sources fixed

Thanks to AlexFili for letting me know the sources for Tales of Dagur did not work with the latest devkitPro.Therefor I have released a fixed version of the source. For the interested ones, here is a list of what is fixed: ARM7’s makefile is changed to produce binaries in Thumb mode to reduce the code […]

WonderPong Released

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I got really bored, and SausageBoy challanged me to an obscure platform pong contest – whoever finishes to code a Pong game for a weird platform – wins. We started coding and SausageBoy disappeared. I kept coding my game and finished it. Result? Pong game for the WonderSwan / Color, with assembly source code. Download […]

First lesson on tutorial series opened to public

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As promissed to one of my friends, Chetic, I will be writing DS 2D Hardware tutorials converted from my previous attempt on the IRC channel #learn2d. Lesson 1: Nintendo DS Hardware Overview has just been opened to the public to read. Please note that this is the first real tutorial I have ever written, so […]

EVOKE is over

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Evoke 2006 has come to it’s end. And what a great demoparty too! Full travel blog will come soon on the “Evoke 2006 Trip” Oh, and for those who are looking for my DS demo which was presented at EVOKE, you should look at pouet. The demo won 4th place out of 9 entries on […]

dualSwan v1.2.1 FINAL

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This is the final release of dualSwan. No further development will be made. Here is the changelog: dualSwan v1.2.1 (21/07/2006) Fixed window mode 0x20 Added support for M3SD and SCSD Source: Moved menu handlers to menu.c/h I did not test M3SD or SCSD myself, but it should work, as chishm’s FAT library does. Download the […]

dualSwan v1.2 Release

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There you go, dualSwan 1.2 released. Still no sound, and some games are below 20FPS, but the re-write was worth it! Why? Because now some games are running in full speed and even passes it (200FPS baby!). dualSwan will work only with CF/SD based flashcarts, and will load any WonderSwan ROM that is smaller then […]

WonDerS 1.2t – Teaser Release

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Just to tease you all with the power of the DS, I am releasing two special builds, which emulates the same first ROM I added when I first released WonDers half a year ago (Wow, it’s been a lot since…) The ZIP file contains two builds: A build without any speed limits – to show […]